3 Simple And Effective Strategies Of Forum Posting

Article By: Alan Quan

There are advantages and disadvantages of forum posting. The advantage is that if done correctly, you can get targeted traffic to your website. If done wrong, you will waste precious time chatting and getting zero result when you can be building your business.

If you want to maximize your results with forum posting, here are some rules you need to take into consideration to make forum marketing the most profitable for you. Continue reading “3 Simple And Effective Strategies Of Forum Posting”

6 Ways To Start Your Sales Letter Right

  Author: Mario Churchill

When writing a sales letter, it’s important to place special focus on creating an impressive and attention-grabbing start with your opening sentence or paragraph. If you don’t start it correctly, it’s highly unlikely that your readers will get past the first paragraph before deleting your email…and categorizing it as SPAM! Continue reading “6 Ways To Start Your Sales Letter Right”

Search for Discounts at WebbyPlanet.com

Like most people I like to save money, and I probably spend too much time searching the web for discounts and coupons. I was happy to hear about WebbyPlanet. WebbyPlanet is an e-commerce search site where you can look for coupons and discounts all in one place. One of the things I like about WebbyPlanet is you can search for a store, and a page will come up listing all the coupons and discounts available for that store. That is how I found this dell coupon. The site is updated daily, and you can subscribe to the newsletter to keep updated on all the latest discounts.

Eating Oysters

Most of the foods I like to eat would be considered your basics. Good bread, fresh vegetables, fruit in season, but there is one delicacy that I will occasionally eat… just as a treat. And that would be Gulf oysters.

Oysters can be eaten in a variety of ways, but did you know that there can be distinct variations in the taste of an oyster, depending on the variety of oyster and where it was grown? So when I am going to eat oysters I prefer raw oysters with just a dash of lemon.

There is some concern, however, when eating raw oysters. Oysters grow best in warm unpolluted waters, just like a little nasty bacterium called Vibrio vulnificus. Most healthy people have no problems with this bacterium and can safely eat raw oysters. Just the same, I was happy to find that there is some post-harvest processes that can reduce the incidence of Vibrio vulnificus to undetectable levels. These processes include individual quick-freezing, heat-cool pasteurization (HCP), and high-hydrostatic pressure (HPP).

The next time I decide to treat myself to oysters I think I will look for those that have used one of these post-harvest processes. I am pretty healthy and probably don’t have much to worry about, but a little extra safety is OK by me!

Spring Vacation

segways in San FranciscoSpring is in full swing at my house. The trees are leafing out and the flowers are blooming. Birds are everywhere. I was sitting outside today thinking about how nice it is when spring finally arrives, with the warm sunshine and singing birds, but then I started thinking about all the spring projects that need to be done. I need to paint the house, put in the garden, weed out the flower beds, the whole spring cleaning thing. Yikes! Suddenly spring isn’t so wonderful. So, of course, the logical thing to do when faced with a mountain of chores is to take a vacation! Many years ago I went to San Francisco in the spring, and it was great! I loved riding the trolley cars. Chinatown was amazing and the selection of food was wonderful.bike san francisco

I am thinking it is about time to go back to San Francisco, and see some of the attractions I missed on my last trip. This time I think I will sign up for some sightseeing tours. I found a site that offers discounted tickets to some of the best tours in San Francisco. It used to be that I didn’t like guided tours, but I have since found that they are a great way to do things and find attractions that you might otherwise miss. Trusted Tours & Attractions duck tours splash downoffers a variety of sightseeing tours in San Francisco, including Segway tours! There is a tour where you can bike over the Golden Gate Bridge, and my favorite, the San Francisco Duck tour, where you can ride both land and bay in an original, refurbished World War II Amphibious landing craft.

Trusted Tours is having a special promotion right now. If you sign up for their newsletter you will be entered in a drawing to win a handheld GPS! That might come in handy if you are on the Muir Woods tour and get separated from your group!

If San Francisco isn’t your idea of a vacation spot Trusted Tours has tours in 23 cities including Things to do in Las Vegas.

But for now the vacation will have to wait. Because honestly, putting in the garden and weeding the flower beds aren’t really chores!