Quit Smoking!

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. But if you really want to give up cigarettes, for good, you can! With a little planning, some determination, and an understanding of nicotine addiction, you will find you don’t need any pills, potions, or patches! In fact, the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are intense for just about 3 days. Many people can manage to quit smoking long enough to get past the physical addiction. It is the mental part that is hard. Plan to conquer the mental addiction and the physical addiction will take care of itself. Continue reading “Quit Smoking!”

7 Things to Know about Money

1. Money is a tool for trade, nothing more, nothing less. Money does not make you more special, or more lovable. Fancy homes and cars, expensive watches and clothing, these do not make people like you more. How much money you have, or appear to have, says nothing about you as a person. I have met both poor people and rich people who were amazing human beings. I have also met both poor and rich people who were jerks. Your money is not your personality.
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Daydreaming of Weddings

romeo and juliette wedding invitation

With three daughters, two of them in their twenties, you know I spend just a little bit of time thinking about weddings! The girls are not ready yet, but that doesn’t keep me from planning ahead. Lately, in my daydreaming about weddings, I have been looking at wedding invitations.

Your wedding invitation is the first impression that you give your guests about your wedding. The invitation will set the tone and overall theme in their minds. It also tells your guest a little about you. Are you elegant and formal, a fun romantic, or casual and easygoing?

While surfing the web I found a very nice site for wedding invitations. 1stclass had a wide variety of invitations, including both formal and Contemporary Wedding Invitations. Their prices were quite reasonable, and they have quite a large selection.

Browsing the site is very easy and intuitive, and the menus make it easy to find the style of invitation you are interested in. Under the Castle/FairyTale catagory I found the Romeo and Juliet invitation. The design is classic and elegant, and very romantic! The price is a quite reasonable $108 and that includes blank inner and outer envelopes and tissue. You can see the Romeo and Juliet design here at 1st Class Wedding Invitations. What really surprised me was the quick turnaround time. You can set a date for your wedding and be sending out beautiful invitations in the same week!

Ah, but back to reality. My girls are focused on career and college right now, and I am very proud of them! But someday I’ll be buying wedding invitations, and I will be looking at 1st Class.

Kettering University

Do you know what an industrial engineer is, or what they do? I didn’t until today. Industrial Engineers work to make businesses more efficient.They will look at how something is made and find ways to make production more efficient. An industrial engineer might also work to figure out a way to shorten a line at an amusement park or how to make a more efficient automobile. An industrial engineer can also be known as an operations manager or a systems engineer.

If I were looking at a new career these days I might consider becoming an industrial engineer. It sounds like it could be a very interesting job! I like the idea of looking at systems and companies and finding ways to make them work better. A bachelors degree is required to become an industrial engineer and one place I would consider for my education would be Kettering University.

Kettering University has an innovative Co-op program in industrial engineering. Kettering places students with companies right from the start, giving the student valuable real world experience to go along with their classroom education. Beginning as freshman, the students rotate between school and their co-op job and gain practical experience.

Another good reason to choose Kettering would be that US News and World Report has ranked Kettering University as “the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering” in its annual “America’s Best Colleges Guide for 2008”.

But, for the time being I am going to have to stay a mom and a blogger. As interesting as Kettering’s engineering co-op programs sound, I’m not ready to go back to school just yet. Plus I think my husband would miss me!