Eco Resolutions, Good for the Planet, and Funny!

Today I was going to write about my Green New Year’s Resolutions.  But I found this post from  Not only do they have great resolutions, they are also funny!

1. I will relinquish my title of Most Likely to Acquire Useless Crap I Don’t Wear or Need.
Admit it — your closet is full of had-to-have items that have been punished to a life of hanging unworn. Your have enough notepads, pens, books, magnets, and collectible tchotchkes to fill a mini storage unit. Yes, our purchases keep the economy going, but most of us buy far more than we need. (There are whole TV shows dedicated to demonstrating ways to unclutter!)…

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Three Brown Eggs

Please welcome guest blogger Ferox. Ferox is a Veterinary Student  in Australia. Read her blog, Nearly-Dr Ferox, here.

Walk through your local supermarket and you will be presented with three types of eggs that you may chose to purchase. They’re mostly all brown, about the same size and difficult to differentiate based on taste. What sets these eggs apart is how they are produced and the price you pay for them. Cage eggs are laid by chickens in intensive factory situations. These eggs are the cheapest to produce, but many people consider farming eggs in this way to be unethical because the chickens are kept in limited space indoors, suffer health problems such as osteoporosis and can’t engage in ‘normal behaviours’. While this is largely true it should be pointed out that laying chickens in all systems develop osteoporosis (as do dairy cows), and normal behaviour for chickens consists largely of bullying, or being bullied by, the other chickens. These chickens have their diseases controlled and treated rapidly and easily and are not vulnerable to predators or the weather.  Continue reading “Three Brown Eggs”

Knowing the Numbers

Maybe I’m a little different from others, but I find it very helpful to “know the numbers”.  Little things like,  how long will it take me to become a millionaire.  Based on a calculator I found, it will only take 64 years for me to become a millionaire, if I live that long!  Other numbers that are fun to know are how long will it take to pay off my mortgage, and if I gave up my daily Starbucks and saved the money how much would I have? 

Over at Bootstrapper there is a list of 100 different calculators where you can find your numbers.   Let me know how long it will take you to become a millionaire!

5 Daily Requirements for a Fantastic Life

Today I am going to do something a little different, and let Anmol Mehta give you a Yogi’s view on achieving happiness.

Our good buddy, lazy Yogi Ponchie, had just read a great blog on meditation, where the author had revealed the secrets of how to live a happy, meaningful and good life. This blog highly inspired Yogi Ponchie and he immediately went about implementing the recommendations, in his own special way of course.

The article, he read, explained that the secret to a happy and fulfilling life was to live life one day at a time. Not only that, the author had provided his thoughts on what 5 activities one should include in one’s life on a daily basis in order to accomplish this. Here was how Ponchie spent his day, which he felt met the requirements laid out in the post.

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How a Family of 7 Lives on $35,000/Year

I’ve read about America
’s Cheapest Family in various articles and posts but haven’t really seen them in action till I caught a repackaged episode of 20/20 where they were once more featured. I cannot believe how a family of seven with children ages 10 through 21 are able to pull off living on an annual budget of $35,000.

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