Getting Back to Diet Basics

My weight has been creeping up on me again. A few years ago I managed to lose 30 pounds. I did it a simple way, by eliminating all sugar and refined carbohydrates from my diet, and by eating foods that were as close as possible to their natural state. I ate lots of vegetables, some fruit, and high quality protein. I felt and looked great!? But then I started having little slips in my diet. First it was pizza, and then honey, and slowly and surely I got back to the place where I am now. Eating too much sugar and way too many refined foods.

So of course, I start looking for the quick fix. I have read all sorts of top 10 lists on how to lose weight. I’ve actually been watching the commercials for those “fat burner” pills. I even briefly considered taking that new, FDA approved weight loss pill. Anything except the one thing that will work. Eating right and getting some exercise.

Why is that? Even though I know it doesn’t exist I am looking for the great, miracle weight loss secret. I am hoping to find the magic pill that will let me watch TV all day and eat junk food and still be slim and healthy. Why am I looking for a magic pill when I know what works? The secret to weight loss is simple. Eat less, exercise more! Eat healthy foods and it will be easier to eat less.

Today I have recommitted to my healthy eating plan. No more sugar, no more toast with honey. Plenty of quality protein, fresh vegies and fruit. I will drink lots of water and take a walk every day. I think I’ll start a 30 day healthy eating and exercise  challenge to go along with my 30 day blogging challenge. It will give me something to write about!

Solar Power

Just a quick thought tonight. With all the concern about running out of oil, and the reliance on foreign oil, and all the government programs to help people save energy, would it make sense for the government to put solar panels on every public building? It might not be worth it in some of the northern states, but we have plenty of southern states that get lots of sun. If the panels generated extra power you could have public powering stations for electric cars. That would save a barrel or two of oil!

I don’t know, maybe that’s not a good idea, but it is late and I am tired.  I will be away for the next few days. I’m going camping! Hopefully the sun will shine!  No phones and no internet. But I will bring my laptop and continue to write a post a day, then I will feel I’ve stayed true to my 30 day challenge. You’ll just have to wait till I get back to read them. Hopefully they will be better than this one!

Do You Like The Theme?

I changed my theme again. I really like this one. Three days from now I will probably really like another one! I have a lot of fun looking for new themes and trying them out. However, I’m not sure it is the best thing for this blog.

Most of what I read says that you should pay for a custom theme, and then don’t change it. Apparently blog readers can get confused if your blog doesn’t look like it always does. This creates a conflict for me, I don’t really like anyone telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. If you don’t believe me take a look at my rant about Google Page Rank!

But I do want to keep my readers happy. (Are you happy?) On the other hand, I am pretty sure my readers don’t get confused that easy. Plus, I know some of you are Entrecard droppers who don’t care about the theme and are happy as long as the EC widget is above the fold and loads fast. (I want you to be happy too!)

So I think in this case it is OK to change the theme, as long as I control myself and don’t change it too often. If I don’t control myself I might change the theme everyday! Now there’s a thought. A 30 day theme challenge to go with my 30 day blogging challenge!

Now back to my question, Do you like the theme?

Tax Rebate Checks are Coming

The IRS says the tax rebate checks for over 130 million US Taxpayers will be sent beginning in May. I have a post on My CFO on the Go that talks about how to make sure you get your tax rebate check. You can read that post here.

But I what I really want ot know is what are you going to do with your rebate check? I know most people say they are going to pay down debt, or put the money in savings. That is what most people said the last time the IRS sent out advance payments, but the reality was most people spent it and there was a noticeable upswing in the economy. But I think most people, when they get that money in their hot little hands, are going to spend at least some of it on some new toy! I know I am! I am just trying to decide what. Any ideas? Maybe custom themes for my blogs? What are you going to spend you rebate check on?