New Camera

litton trail with ditch

Litton Trail, Grass Valley, CA

(Not a Paid Post!) Today I bought myself a new camera. I didn’t need a new camera, I just wanted one. Specifically, I wanted a camera I could slip in my pocket and just take with me everywhere. I read a bunch of reviews and then just ignored them. I don’t usually indulge myself this way, but I wanted a “pocket camera” and I wanted it right now! So I went to Staples and bought a Kodak Easy Share camera because it was the cheapest small camera they had. Then I went for a walk and snapped a few pictures like the one above. I am very happy with it so far. It isn’t much bigger than my cell phone and it takes pretty decent pictures. Plus it connects to my computer and charges itself with the USB port. My old camera didn’t. The camera has a bunch of settings that I haven’t a clue how to use. Later I’ll read the manual and try to figure it all out. But for now I have everything set on auto and it seems to be working pretty well.

The downside to buying the camera is I used up all my “pocket cash”. I guess I’ll just have to give up my skinny latte’s for awhile!

Do Me A Favor, Do Yourself a Favor!

I would like to ask a great big favor of you. There is a contest going on, and I would really like to win it. And you can help me. You don’t need to stumble anything, or write a blog post. I’m even willing to bribe you, just so I can win this contest.

What I need you to do, is go on over to Bloggeries Forum and register. Please be sure to use that link, or click on a red bloggeries button, so I can get credit and win the contest. Then I need you to do one more thing, please put a short post in the Intro section and be sure to mention that Kat sent you. If you do that, and you’re an Entrecard member, I’ll send you 10 Entrecard Credits!

While you are there check out the forum. In my opinion Bloggeries is the best forum out there for bloggers. There is lots of lively discussion on blogging topics, a market section where you can buy or sell all things related to blogging, and for the theme addicts such as myself, their is a section where some incredibly talented designers post some awesome WordPress themes, free for the taking.

I am going to thank you so much in advance for helping me to win this contest! If there is anything I can do for you, just leave a comment on this post and I will do my best!

Happy Stumbeling April Fool's Day to Me!

Since I completed my 30 day blogging challenge I have taking a break from blogging. I’ve been spending time with my family, Saturday we watched 3 movies in a row, ate pizza, and then went out for apple pie. It was great.  I’ve been spending some quality time with the latest Dean Koontz novel, so far so great, as usual. I’ve even been outside and started thinking about what to start in the garden.

I was planning on getting back to work on the blogs tomorrow, April 2. You know you can’t believe anything you read on a blog on April Fools Day. I’m not good enough to come up with a prank so I just didn’t see the point in posting anything. So tonight, just before heading off to bed, I took a quick look at my stats!  SURPRISE!  Either someone is really good, or I have been totally and wonderfully stumbled.  YEA!  Thank you, thank you all you Stumblers, and feel free to keep it up!

I’m so happy about this I think I’ll put off going to bed for awhile and find some blog posts to stumble, try and make someone else’s day!

Oh, and my next 30 day challenge, getting exercise every day? That will have to wait till tomorrow.  I don’t think I can fail if I haven’t started, and I didn’t get any exercise today.

30 Day Challenge Evaluation

I was going to write today that I was ending my 30 day blogging challenge early. (The challenge was to blog every day for 30 days.) I have a couple of real exciting projects in the works and I would like to focus on those projects, plus do a better job keeping up with my other blogs. However, I was please to find that I started my 30 day challenge exactly one month ago today, on February 27, 2008. So today is officially day 30.

So how did I do?  Well, if you want to be strict, I failed.  I posted 26 posts in 30 days, and two of those posts were on the same day.  A few of those days I just posted a quote, or a contest, or some “easy” type of post.

But I am not too strict with myself, and in my mind my 30 day blogging challenge was a big success.  I have become a better writer, and a better blogger.  I spend a lot of time thinking about what would be interesting to post.   And, what I am not including in this challenge, are all the posts made on my other blogs. They have also benefited by having more frequent posts. (Although not a post a day.)

I have also decided that I am most definitely a blog addict.   I am constantly coming up with new ideas for blogs.  I have bought a few domains, just for “someday” when I have time to work with them.  I have to pull myself aways from the computer to get some exercise, or to say Hi to my family. Now I just need to find a good way to monetize all these great ideas!

I liked the idea of a 30 day challenge, and I think I’ll go for another one April 1.  But this challenge won’t be related to blogging.  I will challenge myself to get some form of exercise everyday.  I’ll let you know how I do.  Would you like to join me? What do you challenge yourself to do every day for 30 days?

Always Keep Checking

EDIT: Back to the old theme. This one worked well for me in the past. It should work well in most browsers. Please let me know if it does not.

EDIT: Working with a temporary theme for now. I know it doesn’t look pretty right now, but this theme did work on my other computer. Hope to be back to something nice soon.

Today I fired up my old computer. The one that doesn’t have FireFox or a widescreen monitor. I needed to get some pictures off the hard drive for a project I am working on. While I had this old computer up and running I thought I would check out my sites and see how they looked. All was well, until I got here. And I was so happy with the theme! In IE, without a widescreen, this template does not work well. The sidebar is pushed down to the bottom of the page. Not a good thing! I tried tweaking the CSS, but with no luck. So once again I am looking for a new theme. So for all of you that have been annoyed by my sidebar, I’m sorry. I hope to have that fixed real soon.