The “One Heck Of A Giveaway” Contest

It's contest time!If you are a blogger and you haven’t heard about this contest yet, I don’t know where you have been! , working with other bloggers, has come up with a list of prizes that is hard to beat! And what a great way to create buzz about your blog!

Here are the details from :

Well it’s technically not a “MILLION” dollars being given away, but you can say that this is going to be one heck of a big contest. It’s totally different from what other contests are about because you guys (my readers) are the ones that are running this. You guys are the ones that are providing all the items that are going to be given away. I’m sure all of you guys love these blog contests that have been running around the net for these past weeks. The main reason for blog contests are to gain some type of exposure and a community of readers. The contest I’m conducting now of course does benefit me, but I’ve changed it to give the sponsors all free backlinks from my blog and other blogs that choose to post about this contest. Now my blog is all about showing love to other blogs no matter what size and this contest should do the job by helping all the sponsors :)

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Blog Review – A Blog about Blogging

Do you spend more time reading about blogging than you do actually blogging? I certainly do, I am always looking for the great tip that will make my blog incredibly successful and profitable! Most of what I find out in the vast Internet is a rehash of old information. Recently I was pleased to find a blog about blogging that provides great advice that actually inspires me to get working on my blog!

NorthxEast presents an article a week on subjects of interest to bloggers. The writing is excellent, clear and to the point, while providing information that is truly useful.

This weeks article is on the Top 10 Habits of Successful Bloggers. There are some that we have all heard of before, like #3, They Blog Like Clockwork. (where I need to focus!), but also habits that were new to me, such as #1 They’re Super Efficient eMailers.

NorthxEast has gone into my bookmarks, as a blog I will be stopping by at least weekly to catch up on the latest advice on successful blogging.

Can BlogRush Really Bring More Traffic?

I am trying something new today. I have been seeing the BlogRush widget on websites I have been visiting, and I finally decided to sign up. BlogRush shows links to your posts on other websites. Here is a better explanation from the BlogRush site:

BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need:
More Readers For Their Blog.

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Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap as in price, not quality!

LunarPages webhosting has been my webhost for over a year now. I have been very happy with them.  The regular price is just 6.95 per month when you purchase a two year package, but now they have an even better deal.  If you use the coupon code ” 25offhosting” they will give you $25 off a  two year package!  On a two year plan that puts your total cost at less than $6 per month! And it includes a free domain.

So what are you waiting for. Get over to LunarPages and get some cheap hosting!

SEO and Website Tools

I just found a great site for webmasters.  It is a web directory that has a ton of free tools to help you get the most from your website. has tools to check your Google and Alexa page rank. It has a keyword analyzer, a meta tag generator, and even a tool that will check your site for broken links! (I know a few websites I’d like to send that tool to!)  There is  a lot more there.   When you get a chance pop on over to , it will be worth your time!