Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap as in price, not quality!

LunarPages webhosting has been my webhost for over a year now. I have been very happy with them.  The regular price is just 6.95 per month when you purchase a two year package, but now they have an even better deal.  If you use the coupon code ” 25offhosting” they will give you $25 off a  two year package!  On a two year plan that puts your total cost at less than $6 per month! And it includes a free domain.

So what are you waiting for. Get over to LunarPages and get some cheap hosting!

SEO and Website Tools

I just found a great site for webmasters.  It is a web directory that has a ton of free tools to help you get the most from your website. has tools to check your Google and Alexa page rank. It has a keyword analyzer, a meta tag generator, and even a tool that will check your site for broken links! (I know a few websites I’d like to send that tool to!)  There is  a lot more there.   When you get a chance pop on over to , it will be worth your time!

Debt Free

I saw a site today that promised to show you how to get rid of all your debt…even your mortgage….in 3-5 years.  It would only cost you $47 to download their free e-book that would give you all the secrets of becoming debt free.  Well, I can tell you in two words how to become debt free.   Quit charging!   Quit using your credit cards, quit borrowing money, quit taking out loans.  Keep making your payments and eventually you will be debt free.

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Make Money with My Power Mall

So many “make money online” deals start with you paying money. It might be $149.95 or $49.95 or even a bargain $9.95. For that you’ll get an eBook, or a “money making system”, or  an “exclusive membership”.  You haven’t even gotten started and  already you are in the hole!

My Power Mall is different!  It is FREEFree to join, Free to use. It doesn’t cost you anything!  My Power Mall is a shopping rebate site, with a twist. Sign up for a personal mall, and you get large rebates on all your online shopping. Sign up for a Business Mall, and you can build a team and earn even more money.  Then all you do is shop, and invite others to shop at My Power Mall

Now you are probably thinking that you have to pay inflated prices at stores you’ve never heard of.  But you would be wrong!  Here’s a list at just some of the stores you can shop at. Sears, Target, Kohls,, Gap, Circuit City, Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, Linens ‘n Things,  Office Max, Macy’s… the list goes on and on.  The prices are the same as if you went to the online store directly.

Now here is the deal…


We’ll work together to make sure everyone profits!

Click here to join the team!

Remember, it costs nothing to sign up. There are no quotas, no meetings, no marketing materials you need to buy. You can create your own team, or just shop for yourself. Either way you earn rebates.

Check it Out!