Changing Again

commentluv hereSorry if it seems like the theme here changes every other day. I find a theme I like, and then it won’t work with the mods that I want to make.

One of these days I will take the time to learn enough coding to make my own theme, and then maybe things won’t change so often!

The reason for today’s change is I wanted to encourage comments, so I have added DoFollow and Comment Luv. The theme I was using didn’t do well with them! If you are not familiar with Comment Luv, you’ll  have to leave a comment to find out exactly what it does!  I think you’ll like it!

So for now I have gone back to my tried and true, rock steady theme.  Everything seems to work with it and it is easy to read.

Thanks for your patience!

Plastic Bags are Killing Us

Here is an article from that will make you think twice when asked…paper or plastic?

The most ubiquitous consumer item on Earth, the lowly plastic bag is an environmental scourge like none other, sapping the life out of our oceans and thwarting our attempts to recycle it.
By Katharine Mieszkowski

Aug. 10, 2007 | OAKLAND, Calif. — On a foggy Tuesday morning, kids out of school for summer break are learning to sail on the waters of Lake Merritt. A great egret hunts for fish, while dozens of cormorants perch, drying their wings. But we’re not here to bird-watch or go boating. Twice a week volunteers with the Lake Merritt Institute gather on these shores of the nation’s oldest national wildlife refuge to fish trash out of the water, and one of their prime targets is plastic bags. Armed with gloves and nets with long handles, like the kind you’d use to fish leaves out of a backyard swimming pool, we take to the shores to seek our watery prey.

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How a Family of 7 Lives on $35,000/Year

I’ve read about America
’s Cheapest Family in various articles and posts but haven’t really seen them in action till I caught a repackaged episode of 20/20 where they were once more featured. I cannot believe how a family of seven with children ages 10 through 21 are able to pull off living on an annual budget of $35,000.

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Eating Local is Elitist?

I was talking to a friend about how I was trying to be more “aware” in my food choices. I have been trying to eat locally produced food whenever possible.  I also try to eat organic food, with the least amount of processing and packaging.  My friend said, “Don’t you thing that is a bit elitist?”     What?????? Where did that come from. How could it be elitist? Continue reading “Eating Local is Elitist?”