A Cool Treat for a Hot Day

Today is beautiful, sunny and HOT!  So I put together this quick drink which is yummy, healthy, and low-cal.

Just pour 1 cup of light (1%) milk over ice. Add a splash or two of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Stir.

That’s it. Tastes almost like a vanilla milk shake, only thinner, and is only 120 calories. (Which makes you thinner!)  Make it with nonfat milk and you are under 90 calories!  Plus lots of good calcium and protein.


Saying GoodBye to Paid Posting

I have been with PayPerPost since January, and until recently I could find 5 or 6 opportunities a week to write about. But now, something has changed. It has been 30 days and counting since there have been any opportunities available for me. I think I know why. A few weeks back I accepted an opportunity. The description was a little vague, but I can make most topics work with this blog. It is only after I accept the job that I find out I am supposed to blog about a para-military gun accessory site! There is no way I can make that fit into this blog! So I didn’t write the post and now I am not getting any more offers. So I am saying goodbye to all paid posting services. Goodbye to Smorty, goodbye to Blogvertise, and especially goodbye to PayPerPost. Goodbye to writing posts that no one really wants to read. goodbye to $5 for 30 minutes worth of work. And, hopefully, goodbye to PageRank 0.

Now, I know it wasn’t all that long ago I wrote PR0 and Proud of It. In that post I wrote that I wasn’t going to let Google tell me what I can or can’t do with MY blog. And that is still true. I think what is happening here is I am evolving as a blogger. I am finding that you can’t depend on other people/companies/websites to help you make money or succeed as a blogger. If you do you have to play by their rules. I am not that kind of person. I like to make my own rules. So now I am putting into play what I always knew was true.

This blog is about me and what I want. I just need to decide what that is.

I’d like to hear about your experiences with Paid Posting. Good or Bad.

The Joy of Long Term Goals

Several years ago I was talking to my Pastor. We were talking about education and I was bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to get a college degree. I had married young and had children. I was running a very successful business, I had an active family and social life. “With everything I have going on I could only take a class or two a year.” I said to him. “It would take me 10 years just to get my AA (2 year) degree!

“That is true” he answered,”But ten years are going to go by no matter what. And in 10 years either you will have that college degree or you won’t”.

Well, it only took 6 years, but last night I took my last final and I have now completed all the requirements for an AA degree in Accounting, and an AA in Business Administration!

Why is it, that people, including myself, think that just because something will take a long time, it isn’t worth doing? I do a lot of financial counseling with people and they are always saying things like, “I have so much credit card debt, it will take years to pay off, so why even try?” Or conversely, “It would take forever to save up the money for that vacation, so I’ll just put it on the credit card.” By thinking this way people find themselves 5, 10, 20 years later in the same spot they are now AND, they are missing out on the joy of delayed gratification.

Yes, I said the JOY of delayed gratification. Today everybody seems to want everything right now, and they are willing to take on outstanding amounts of debt to do that. So once the fun of the impulse purchase is over, all you are left with is the stress of trying to pay the debt.

For our 25th wedding anniversary (no I’m not that old, I told you I married young!) my husband and I wanted to take a fabulous vacation. First class all the way. We could have used the credit cards, or taken out a loan to pay for the vacation, after all, we deserved it! Staying together for 25 years isn’t easy! But instead we decided to save up for our vacation.

For 2 years I planned and saved and saved an planned. I had a great time researching where we would go and what we would do. It was exciting to see our savings grow. And it was easy to bypass all those little extras, so the money could go towards our vacation. I had a great time planning the vacation. In some ways, the anticipation was more fun than the actual trip itself!

While I was researching, planning and saving for our vacation, my husband was doing the same for a great camera to take with us. We ended up with a great deal on a fabulous camera.

In the end we spent 2 marvelous weeks in Belize. A country I didn’t even know existed before I started my research. And the best part is, when we came home there were no bills to pay. I don’t even have any credit card bills to remind me of my vacation, all I have are some wonderful photos!

So the next time you think you aren’t going to do something because it will take too long, just remember, the time is going to go by anyway! 10 years from now will you still be bemoaning the fact that you don’t have a college degree, or your credit cards paid off or…?

New Camera

litton trail with ditch

Litton Trail, Grass Valley, CA

(Not a Paid Post!) Today I bought myself a new camera. I didn’t need a new camera, I just wanted one. Specifically, I wanted a camera I could slip in my pocket and just take with me everywhere. I read a bunch of reviews and then just ignored them. I don’t usually indulge myself this way, but I wanted a “pocket camera” and I wanted it right now! So I went to Staples and bought a Kodak Easy Share camera because it was the cheapest small camera they had. Then I went for a walk and snapped a few pictures like the one above. I am very happy with it so far. It isn’t much bigger than my cell phone and it takes pretty decent pictures. Plus it connects to my computer and charges itself with the USB port. My old camera didn’t. The camera has a bunch of settings that I haven’t a clue how to use. Later I’ll read the manual and try to figure it all out. But for now I have everything set on auto and it seems to be working pretty well.

The downside to buying the camera is I used up all my “pocket cash”. I guess I’ll just have to give up my skinny latte’s for awhile!