I Love Contests!

I love Blogging contests, because it is so easy to win prizes. Earlier I blogged about the Hochstadt’s Party Contest. I got lots of entries just for writing a blog post about the contest, and for commenting on the blog. Well, I just found out that I won 3 prizes! Woo Hoo!

I won a One Buck Wiki pages from Max at SiteHoppin. My page is Webmaster-Blog, more about that later!
Plus I won a signed book by Robert G Allan from Leisa Watkins at Dream Act Plan Believe. (The book is in the mail, I can’t wait to read it! And, from Martin Russell at Word of Mouth Marketing I won an account with 10 cards from SendOutCards.com. (I’ll be sending one to you Mom!)

This is the second time in as many months that I have won prizes in blog contests. Last month I won $10, so you know I’ll be posting about more contests as they come up.


The Hochstadt.com Party Contest!

Party Contest Banner

Last week I found out that I won not one, but two prizes on The University Kid’s Blog Contest. Now I think I could become a contest addict. Entering an online contest is easy, and your chances of winning a prize (or two!) are pretty good. So in the last contest I entered I won $15 and a One Buck Wiki page. With this contest all the prizes are great, and of course I wouldn’t turn down the $50 in cash, but I think I would really like one of the signed Robert G. Allan books. That would be cool.

If you would like to enter the contest click on the banner at the top of the post and you’ll find all the rules there! But first, check out this list of cool prizes.

Without further ado, let’s get to the “Party Contest Meat”—or in other words, what YOU can WIN at this Hochstadt.com Party Contest!

NOTE: This is none of those Internet Marketing niche contests… The Hochstadt.com Party Contest features prizes from a broad range of industries and categories. Meaning, there is something for EVERYONE:

Men’s Interest, Women’s Interest, Sports, Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Technology, Hobbies, Marketing, Self Improvement, Computers and Internet, Art, Environment, Finance and Investing, Web Development, News and Media, Entertainment, Graphic Design, Religion and Spirituality, Blogging Resources, Parenting and Family, Technology, Mixed Bag, Home and Garden, Health and Medicine, Trends, Personal Diary, and Writing and Literature!

Now, take a look at these amazing and unbelievable contributions… the Who’s Who of Entrecard and other friends of mine:

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Do Me A Favor, Do Yourself a Favor!

I would like to ask a great big favor of you. There is a contest going on, and I would really like to win it. And you can help me. You don’t need to stumble anything, or write a blog post. I’m even willing to bribe you, just so I can win this contest.

What I need you to do, is go on over to Bloggeries Forum and register. Please be sure to use that link, or click on a red bloggeries button, so I can get credit and win the contest. Then I need you to do one more thing, please put a short post in the Intro section and be sure to mention that Kat sent you. If you do that, and you’re an Entrecard member, I’ll send you 10 Entrecard Credits!

While you are there check out the forum. In my opinion Bloggeries is the best forum out there for bloggers. There is lots of lively discussion on blogging topics, a market section where you can buy or sell all things related to blogging, and for the theme addicts such as myself, their is a section where some incredibly talented designers post some awesome WordPress themes, free for the taking.

I am going to thank you so much in advance for helping me to win this contest! If there is anything I can do for you, just leave a comment on this post and I will do my best!

This May Be the Ultimate Blogging Contest

Blog Contests Are Boring

Now normally I wouldn’t blog about a contest. I mean there are so many of them out there and I get tired of seeing them. They all seem the same, jump through 500 hoops and you might win a link on my boring blog. Yawn, no thanks.

This Blog Contest is Not Boring

But this contest is different. The prize list is huge! Lots of good stuff I woudn’t mind having. The prize list is so long I put it at the bottom of the post, but do take the time to look it over. Just be careful not to drool on your keyboard! There is over $100 in cash being offered, (I could use cash!), one person will win 25,000 Entrecredits. That will buy a lot of advertising through Entrecard! But I think the prize I would most like to win would be the one hour consultation with The University Kid.

Why Should I Care About The University Kid?

Now why would I want some young college punk telling me what’s wrong with my website? Because I’ve seen him around in a few forums I visit and I think this kid might be going somewhere. He is working hard at becoming a successful blogger and I think he is going to make it. On top of that His blog, The University Kid, is interesting to read.

How To Enter

I suppose what you would really like to know is how to enter the contest! Here is the link to the Ultimate Blog Contest. Have fun entering the contest, while you’re over there tell him Kat sent you!

Contest Prizes

WordPress Themes

– Two licenses for the Revolution Theme ($160)
– Two licenses for the Premium News Theme ($200)
– Two licenses for the Purple Fever Theme ($100)
– One hundred accounts to the Themes Club ($500)

Blog Tools

– Three licenses by FruitfulTime.com ($90)

Blog Analysis

– Full Video Review By Marcus Hochstadt ($700)


– SEO Book Donated By The Net Fool

Blog Advertising

One Month

– Two 125 x 125 on Wayne Liew ($30)
– One 125 x 125 On Blogger Noob ($25)
– One 125 x 125 on EZ Money Online ($25)
– One 125 x 125 on Affiliate Gossip ($15)
– One 125 x 125 on Rhyan ($10)
– One 125 x 125 on Jim Karter ($30)
– One 125 x 125 on Neotrepreneur ($10)
– One 125 x 125 on Life is Colourful ($30)
– One 125 x 125 on BLJConsultant ($5)
– One 125 x 125 on Resell Rights World ($5)
– One 125 x 125 on Viking Blogger ($25)
– One 125 x 125 on Dot Com Mogul ($10)

– One 468 x 60 on Blogging 4 Cash ($10)
– Five 16 x 16 on Blogging 4 Cash ($10)
– One 150 x 150 on Blogging 4 Cash ($5)
– One Text Link On Mr Javo ($7)

Three Months

– One 125 x 125 on The WWW Observer ($75)

Blog Reviews

– One Review By The University Kid ($60)
– One Review By Yimto ($20)
– One Review By The WWW Observer ($35)
– One Review By Bloggeries ($25)
– One Review By Neotrepreneur ($10)
– One Review By Life Is Colourful ($40)
– One Review By DaBlogger


One hour consulation with The University Kid
Thirty minutes consulation with Neotrepreneur


– One Custom Done 125 x 125 Ad By Affiliate Gossip
– One Custom Done Sketch By The Pencil Sketch And Art Blog

Entrecard Credits

– 2000 Entrecard Credits By Xavier Media
– 1750 Entrecard Credits By Mixed Market Arts
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Toast & Egg & Me
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Affiliate Confession
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Yimto
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Site Hoppin’
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Neotrepreneur
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Affiliate Gossip
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By BLJ Consultant
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Resell Rights World
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Happier Life
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Article Snatch
– 800 Entrecard Credits By Kirushanth
– 750 Entrecard Credits By Money Making Student
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Bud Calabrese
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Mr Javo
– 500 Entrecard Credits By ImpNerd
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Life Is Colourful
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Money Making Blogs

Total: 15,800


$100 Paypal by The Profit Hustler
$30 Paypal by Viking Blogger
$15 Paypal by Final Fantasy Fan
$10 Paypal by The WWW Observer
$5 Paypal by Affiliate Gossip


300 Stumbles + 300 Reviews from Niklas
$50.00 In Stumble Upon Advertising By Mixed Market Arts
Twenty Pages By One Buck Wiki
Domain Monetization Package By Domains Earn 4U
One featured, three regular links from The SEOTree Directory

Are you still with me? Good, because I think I changed my mind. A page on the one buck wiki would be cool, and it has been over a week since I changed my blog theme. It might be cool to have the revolution theme….