Checking In

I just noticed that I had not posted anything since last September.

Poor neglected blog.  I guess I am just too busy living life to spend time blogging about it.

But maybe for my friends and family  I will try harder.

This last weekend was good for me. Friday night we went to Boomtown NV for all you can eat steak and lobster buffet.  I ate two lobsters and some desert. (Why would you eat salad or potatoes when you can eat lobster?)  Then I gambled with my sweetie and he won and I lost.

Yesterday youngest daughter came up and had dinner with us. That was very nice.  I am proud of her. She is both cute and smart.

Last week I ordered a two person inflatable kayak.  It should arrive on Saturday. Hopefully the nice weather will arrive also so hubby and I can take the new boat for a test drive.

Now it is time to go back to work.  I’ll try and update again in the next six months or so!

4 thoughts on “Checking In”

  1. Thanks Aaron, I do have readers. I have you and my mother and that makes two so it is plural!
    Still, it is nice to know that when I do take the time to write something, someone might read it!

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