A Very Nice Day

Okra and Morning Glory

I had a very nice day. While I was watering my garden this morning I saw this pretty blue Morning Glory was pushing its way between the Okra. I just thought it was really pretty.

Totally different subject. I have noticed that my new husband sometimes backs the car in, and sometimes he doesn’t. We were coming home from the store the other day and he starts to back the car in, he suddenly stops, and parks the car nose in. I finally had to ask, “why is it that sometimes you back the car in , and sometimes you don’t? And it is not just random, it is deliberate. ”

He said, “most of the time I back the car in. But when I know you are going to be riding in the car, I don’t back the car in, so it will be easier for you to get in the car. You won’t have to push past the tree.”
Reason #102 why I love him!

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