How Could I Forget?

I was in the AT&T phone store today, I finally get to upgrade my phone. (Note to self… next time, decide you hate your phone within the 30 days so you can return it and you don’t have to live with it for 2 years!) I was being helped, but the clerk was having some problems with the computer so I got to spend some time just waiting around.

At the next register a lady about my age (closer to 50 than I like to admit) was being helped by a young girl and they were talking about boyfriends, children, getting married, that kind of stuff. My clerk was busy with the computer so I passed the time eavesdropping on the other conversaton, adding a smile or a nod as appropriate.

The topic of the conversation wasn’t important, what I found interesting was how much the young clerk reminded me of myself when I was a young 20 something. She was talking about life, children, and relationships with the absolute certainty that she had it all figured out.

I remember feeling that way. I distinctly remember thinking that it was all pretty simple, I didn’t know why other people had so much trouble with their children, their relationships, life in general. It was easy! Just do what I was doing and it would all be a piece of cake.

Fast forward 25 years and I seem to have forgotten most of what I knew back then! The kids seem to have turned out OK, but I think that was more luck than skill or knowledge on my part. Relationships don’t make any sense to me at all, either it is working or it is not, Lord only knows why. And the meaning of life? Now I know that no one has that figured out.

I remember when I was young, telling my parents and other “older” relatives all about my opinions on life. I remember them listening and smiling, and even agreeing with me, just like the “older” lady in the phone store. Not once did they ever try and burst my bubble. No one ever said to me…”Live a little sweetie, let life slap you around a bit, throw you a few curve balls, and then come back and tell me about how you have it all figured out.” I love them for that.

So I finish my business at the phone store, happy with my new phone. I smile at the clerk and wish her the best. I hope it is a long time before she “forgets” how simple life and relationships are. I hope no one ever bursts her bubble, and one day she will be listening to some young girl, smiling and thinking to herself… “I remember when I had it all figured out”