Today.Com No Longer Pays You To Blog

Just over a month ago I joined Today. com.  I get paid $1 for every post I write, and $2 for every 2,000 impressions.  So far I have written 33 posts and have just over 2000 unique impressions. Today has a minimum payout of $50, so  I am looking for my first check from them next month.

Last month I wrote a post on how Today pays you to blog.  I am very disappointed, in that they have just changed their terms.  New bloggers who sign up with will only be paid for impressions.  After a 30 day probation period, (during which you need to write at least 20 posts) you may be invited to the paid program.  Then again, you may not.

If you are already signed up with them you will still get paid to blog, but unfortunately, new bloggers won’t get the same deal.

Edit: It looks like new bloggers will have to go through a trial period before they can earn the $1 per post, but they will get the $2 per 2000 impressions right from the start.  Of course, if you are only paid for impressions you will have to get some pretty good traffic to your blog to hit the minimum payout amount in a reasonable time.

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  1. I’ve been wondering how they are making their money. I hope they do pay me as I have been blogging faithfully. I believe the counter says they owe me 23 cents for January, plus the posts.

    Maybe they’ve been inundated by bloggers wanting to make a little money.

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  2. I had a few of mine unpaid because they said wrote more than one per day. The trouble is that I live in UK and sometimes blog at night, then again the next morning if I know am not able to do it at night.

    I’m a bit disappointed that I have written 17 posts and only been paid for 9.

    I also thought there was payout after $25, but it seems not.


  3. Yes I know they dont credit the pay per post aspect until the beginning of the next month. I think it is fabulous pay, $1 per 100 word post. I have no idea where they get their money either, I doubt the adsense revenue is paying everyone, then again they have a pr of 5 and rank quite well in the search engines so I could be wrong. There was something the other week about their top bloggers earning $700 monthly.

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  4. Gentle Rocker, now that I think of it, I do still think it can be a good deal to sign up with them. You get a free blog that you don’t need to pay for hosting or for a domain, free technical support, and they still will pay you a small amount for your traffic. After a period of time your blog will be reviewed, and at that time they may or may not pay you $1 per post.

    It was pretty generous of them to pay people right from the start, and I think they are trying to weed out those who were just stringing together 100 words to get paid, as opposed to those of us who try to write interesting content.

  5. Would you like to share your today blogs with us as well. But however $2.00 for 2000 impression that means $1.00 for 1000 impression is not at all bad deal.

    Tell us your blog on today … would love to read and see that.

  6. After thinking about it awhile I did decide that getting paid $1 per 1,000 impressions is pretty good to blog about anything you want.
    My blog is Review Me Today where I do blog reviews. It is the reason I am not posting as much as I should here!

  7. We generally tell all our customers to think of commenting on other relevent blogs
    as a way of showing another blog’s audience how much they know/ how interesting they are.
    So this new audience will click on the link back to their blog.
    This is another method of driving traffic to your site and entices people to write really well thought out comments,
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  8. is a total scam – they continually change the rules after the fact, and kick people out for not complying with rules that don’t exist until after they’ve already been kicked.

    AND they keep your content – even the content you have not been paid for – and threaten to hand it all over to new bloggers.

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  9. Yes flit, they have taken my blog away from me and not paid for 1/2 the posts or the traffic. I am now advising people to stay away from I have another blog that I plan to start doing blog reviews on soon. That one is

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