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I like to blog. I also like to collect blogs. I have been telling myself “No More Blogs!” But today I started a new blog. (You can see it here.) The reason I started yet another blog, is that with this new one, I know I’ll earn some money. Money is good. It pays for hosting and domains. The new blog is with You start a blog with them, and they promise to pay you $1 for every post you make for the first month. The post must have at least 100 words, and they only pay for one post per day. But I figure there is another 27 days in December, so I know I can earn $27. After the first month, your payout can go up or down, depending on the quality of your blog and how much traffic you are getting.

I gave some thought as to what I wanted the topic of my new blog to be. I decided to do free blog reviews. Bloggers like to have their blogs reviewed. I like to review blogs. Sounds like a match! So the new blog is Best Blog ReviewsReview Me Today. If you would like me to review your blog for free, just go over to my new blog and leave a comment. I’ll write your review and then you can show it off to all your friends!

Better yet, why don’t you start a new blog at Today by clicking on that flashing banner. That will make me happy, because, once you have a blog with Today, they have a pretty nice affiliate program! It will make you happy, because you know you will make some money! Then, once you have a few posts, get your blog reviewed by Best Blog Reviews Review Me Today! You will get more traffic, which will help you earn more money.

If you start a new blog with today, leave a comment here and let me know the URL. I’ll make sure to visit your blog and leave a comment with you.

8 thoughts on “Get Paid To Blog”

  1. uh uh……I don’t want only $1 a day…who are these people kidding? I could hop over to Associated Content and at least make $4 per article. Come on now…this is crazy! i just don’t see how they think that $1 a day is going to make people jump on the bandwagon and get writing. That doesn’t motivate me at all…sties like these make it hard for writer!


    Online Writers Needed- Make $200/hr

  2. Sara, you have a point. There are plenty of places you can earn more. But this site guarantees to pay you $1 per post for your first 30 days. Then your writing is evaluated, and your payments can be adjusted up or down. I know the top blogs there are getting over $5 per post, in addition to bonuses and being paid for traffic. Does AC guarantee to accept your articles and pay you? No matter how bad (or good) your writing may be?

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