Motorcycle Helmets -They're Not All The Same

With rising gas prices, more and more people are riding motorcycles these days. So I am compelled to get on my soap box again and tell you are story. Unfortunately it is very true.

A few weeks ago, there were two different motorcycle accidents in my town. I live in a small town, so two motorcycle accidents in a month would be a rare thing, but two in one week. That is practically unheard of.

In many ways the accidents were similar. Both riders were incredibly experienced, both were avid motorcycle riders who had been riding for decades. No drugs or alcohol were involved in either accident. Both riders were going around a corner when they hit a slick spot on the road, oil or gravel, no one is really sure. Both lost control of their motorcycles, and when the motorcycles hit the shoulder and slowed dramatically, both riders went through the windscreen of their respective motorcycles, and both landed head first on the shoulder of the highway.

One rider was declared dead at the scene.

The other rider is my husband. He suffered a broken collar bone and a bunch of road rash. Relatively minor injuries. He’ll be fine. The other rider is not fine, and that makes me sick.

There is a reason why these two very similar accidents had very different outcomes. Helmets.

Before the accident, my husbands helmet looked something like this.

full face motorcycle helmet

This isn’t the exact helmet, but you can get an idea. Full face protection, plus it is long enough to protect the neck. In fact, my husband’s collar bone was probably broken by the helmet. This kept him from breaking his neck. The only head injury my husband sustained was some minor bruising on his forehead and one small cut.

Here is a helmet similar to what the other rider was wearing.

beanie helmet

This is the minimum helmet required by law. Commonly called a beanie helmet, some motorcycle riders wear them as a type of “protest” against the mandatory helmet law.

Please, if you are going to ride a motorcycle, think about why you wear a helmet. It is not just to comply with the law. You wear a helmet for protection of your head and neck if you crash. If you wear a “beanie” type helmet as a protest against the mandatory helmet law, please reconsider. Even the most experienced rider can have an accident.

My husband has over 40 years experience riding and racing motorcycles. He knows what to do in a skid. But sometimes there are things beyond your control. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you are going to crash. And if you hit the pavement at 50 mph, you need more protection than a beanie helmet can provide.

So please, if you ride a motorcycle, or a scooter, spend the money and go buy a decent, full face helmet. It may cost you a few hundred dollars, and your friends might not think it is cool, but it may save your life.

A Cool Treat for a Hot Day

Today is beautiful, sunny and HOT!  So I put together this quick drink which is yummy, healthy, and low-cal.

Just pour 1 cup of light (1%) milk over ice. Add a splash or two of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Stir.

That’s it. Tastes almost like a vanilla milk shake, only thinner, and is only 120 calories. (Which makes you thinner!)  Make it with nonfat milk and you are under 90 calories!  Plus lots of good calcium and protein.


Random Thought of the Day

Today I woke up to the smell of fire, and I didn’t panic.  In fact, I smiled. That’s because it wasn’t  a forest fire, or a house fire that I was smelling, it was a campfire.  You see, I live just a few miles away from a popular campground in a popular national forest. Smelling the campfire made me happy because I get to live in a place where people come to vacation!

A Quick Post

I took a nice long walk today and spent my walking time thinking about why I have such a hard time writing regularly for my blogs. I have plenty of ideas, and plenty of time. I decided the reason was I struggle to write posts that I think are a decent length. Like 250 words or longer. Then I realized my posts can be any length I want! Plus, maybe short posts are better. After all, everyone seems to be all aflutter over twitter and that is all about super short posts.

So what do you think, mini (under 100 words), short (100 – 200 words), medium (200 – 500), or long (over 500)? Which is better?

Art and Science Of Disease Prevention -Book Review

If you are interested in health issues, but more than in just a “surface” type of way, I think you would enjoy Art and Science of Disease Prevention: Lite Version It is not your typical health and nutrition book. It is a combination of scientific information presented in an intelligent manner, and the art of healing and health. The book is divided into 5 sections.
Section One starts at the beginning and deals with fertility and conception. Included in Section One is an in depth look at chromosomal abnormalities which is fascinating.
Section Two deals with the Nutritional Value of Fats and Oils. I think many of us are still wary of fats and it is important to understand that fats play an important role in overall nutrition.
Section Three was very interesting with its discussion of plant medicine. Especially of interest to me was the chapter on how plant medicine can be used to help with hyperinsulinemia, or insulin sensitivity.
Section Four is the prevention of degenerative diseases. It includes chapters on dealing with menopause and cancer.
The best was saved for last and Section Five deals with Quality of Life and Life Expectancy. Chapters include stress management, exercise and massage. The massage chapter was my favorite because Dr. Roy goes into the importance of human touch. He points out that society often confuses sensuality with sexuality and because of this people are reluctant to touch each other.

Overall Art and Science of Disease Prevention: Lite Version is a very interesting book on health and wellness issues that did not insult my intelligence!