Saying GoodBye to Paid Posting

I have been with PayPerPost since January, and until recently I could find 5 or 6 opportunities a week to write about. But now, something has changed. It has been 30 days and counting since there have been any opportunities available for me. I think I know why. A few weeks back I accepted an opportunity. The description was a little vague, but I can make most topics work with this blog. It is only after I accept the job that I find out I am supposed to blog about a para-military gun accessory site! There is no way I can make that fit into this blog! So I didn’t write the post and now I am not getting any more offers. So I am saying goodbye to all paid posting services. Goodbye to Smorty, goodbye to Blogvertise, and especially goodbye to PayPerPost. Goodbye to writing posts that no one really wants to read. goodbye to $5 for 30 minutes worth of work. And, hopefully, goodbye to PageRank 0.

Now, I know it wasn’t all that long ago I wrote PR0 and Proud of It. In that post I wrote that I wasn’t going to let Google tell me what I can or can’t do with MY blog. And that is still true. I think what is happening here is I am evolving as a blogger. I am finding that you can’t depend on other people/companies/websites to help you make money or succeed as a blogger. If you do you have to play by their rules. I am not that kind of person. I like to make my own rules. So now I am putting into play what I always knew was true.

This blog is about me and what I want. I just need to decide what that is.

I’d like to hear about your experiences with Paid Posting. Good or Bad.

5 thoughts on “Saying GoodBye to Paid Posting”

  1. seriously awesome. [i found you through entrecard by the way.]

    i am rather new to entrecard but i have already begun noticing people writings posts trying to advertise something. it has the standard “backlink” and it reeks of a commercial. guess what? just now in reading your post i have decided to stop dropping my cards at those sites.

    i do not want to reward that kind of behavior. i don’t engage in EC surfing just to see “advertisements” or “commercials” posing as content.

    keep the ads apart from the content.

    i want to know about the person i am reading; your thoughts, your writing, your beliefs. in no way do i want carefully constructed commercials because someone is trying to get me to *buy* something by pretending like THEY are all for it.

    it’s just bad blogging in my opinion.

    so congrats on your decision. you’ll feel better for it i think! :)


  2. Sire: You know you probably lost your PR3 because of PPP. That said, for awhile I was making a nice little bit of extra cash. It helped pay for the hosting and such.

  3. Oh, I know that to be true but I am not all that fussed as I am still making about $50 per week doing paid posts. I also have my two latest blogs which have acheived PR3 and I am pruning them to do paid posts as well and so this will also increase my revenue. I plan to run them a little different so as not to entice Googles wrath.

    I have also noticed that the posts themselves are atracting a lot of hits via the search engines which is also increasing my adsense and affiliate earnings. As all my paid posts have their own directory, people can readily tell which are paid posts and which aren’t. All in all I am quite happy the way things are going and see no reason to change the way I maintain my blogs.

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