Random Thoughts About Steamers and Food

bamboo steamer and peas

Today while I was blog surfing it seemed like every blog I stopped at had pictures of food.  It seemed like today was  a good day to go along with the crowd.

What you are looking at are two great presents that I got last week while my parents were visiting.  My Dad brought fresh peas from his garden, and my Mom bought me the bamboo steamer that I have been wanting forever!

The steamer is fun because it cooks the peas quickly while retaining their good flavor and nutrition.  It came with two baskets so I can cook two different things at once.  Previously I steamed chicken and cabbage potstickers in one basket and some leftover pork roast in the other. A full meal was ready in no time , and the steaming helped keep the pork moist.

Tonight I steamed some red snapper and that also worked well.  If you are thinking of steaming fish, here is a tip I learned from the  Cook’s Magazine that my Mom bought to go with the steamer.  Take slices of lemon or lime and put them on the bottom of the steamer. Then set your fish on top of the slices. The lemon/lime slices keep the fish from sticking to the steamer, and the steam carries the flavor of the fruit into the fish.  I used lime slices tonight and it was very good!

Do you have a steamer?  Any good steamer recipes you would like to share?

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  1. I’m glad you like the steamer. Now you have me wondering if I would rather have a bamboo steamer over the electric one I have now.

    As for the peas, there was a hot spell while we were gone and they’re done and turning brown. We are waiting for the next plants to be ready to eat.


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