Do Me A Favor, Do Yourself a Favor!

I would like to ask a great big favor of you. There is a contest going on, and I would really like to win it. And you can help me. You don’t need to stumble anything, or write a blog post. I’m even willing to bribe you, just so I can win this contest.

What I need you to do, is go on over to Bloggeries Forum and register. Please be sure to use that link, or click on a red bloggeries button, so I can get credit and win the contest. Then I need you to do one more thing, please put a short post in the Intro section and be sure to mention that Kat sent you. If you do that, and you’re an Entrecard member, I’ll send you 10 Entrecard Credits!

While you are there check out the forum. In my opinion Bloggeries is the best forum out there for bloggers. There is lots of lively discussion on blogging topics, a market section where you can buy or sell all things related to blogging, and for the theme addicts such as myself, their is a section where some incredibly talented designers post some awesome WordPress themes, free for the taking.

I am going to thank you so much in advance for helping me to win this contest! If there is anything I can do for you, just leave a comment on this post and I will do my best!

2 thoughts on “Do Me A Favor, Do Yourself a Favor!”

  1. hey you won the university kids contest-15 dollars from me (final fantasy fan). Go claim your prize so that I can send it!

  2. Wow! I won two prizes. Nice!
    If you entered TUK’s contest make sure to check an see if you won a prize. You only have a few days left.
    Thanks for letting me know Shireen!

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