Always Keep Checking

EDIT: Back to the old theme. This one worked well for me in the past. It should work well in most browsers. Please let me know if it does not.

EDIT: Working with a temporary theme for now. I know it doesn’t look pretty right now, but this theme did work on my other computer. Hope to be back to something nice soon.

Today I fired up my old computer. The one that doesn’t have FireFox or a widescreen monitor. I needed to get some pictures off the hard drive for a project I am working on. While I had this old computer up and running I thought I would check out my sites and see how they looked. All was well, until I got here. And I was so happy with the theme! In IE, without a widescreen, this template does not work well. The sidebar is pushed down to the bottom of the page. Not a good thing! I tried tweaking the CSS, but with no luck. So once again I am looking for a new theme. So for all of you that have been annoyed by my sidebar, I’m sorry. I hope to have that fixed real soon.

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