It Was Just One Of Those Days

Have you ever had a day where NOTHING goes right? You start to wonder why you got out of bed at all, and can’t wait for the day to end. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

It started out OK, it was going to be a “kitchen” day. That is when I spend most of the day in the kitchen making bread, granola, and yogurt and whatever else I am going to need for the week ahead. I like to make all of those from scratch because I save a ton of money and I know what is in my food. Plus when I make my own yogurt I am not adding to the tons of little plastic cups sitting in landfills. And of course it all tastes better!

So yesterday I get the bread going in the breadmaker. (I love my breadmaker!) Don’t need to make granola, so I get started on the yogurt. Yogurt is super easy to make. In fact, if all had gone according to plan, I was going to write about making homemade yogurt yesterday.

So I leave the bread rising and the yogurt ah…yogurting and go to work on my business and money forum I have for another one of my sites.

All is going well, until suddenly the forum can’t connect with the database. I have just spent the past few days heavily promoting the forum, and it is getting some traffic, and now no one can connect. ARG! As of right now it is still down. I have a support ticket into my host, hopefully they can help.

When I finally give up on that I hear the breadmaker telling me my bread is done.  But apparently, while I was working on my forum, my bread was not doing its job and rising! I don’t have bread, I have a dense lump of hardened yuck! Well it is edible, but not what I was expecting. I’ll tell the hubby it is a new recipe for some peasant bread and he will eat it.

I check on the yogurt, and it is not yogurt. It is still warm milk. While I was fighting with my forum my yogurt was not yogurting. Well, after 5 hours of sitting at perfect bacteria growing temperature there is nothing to do with that except throw it out.  At least I was only making a small batch.

After my dismal failure in the kitchen it just didn’t seem right to write a post on how easy it is to make your own yogurt. Besides, I didn’t want anything to happen to this site! Yesterday just seemed jinxed. So instead of staying true to my 30 day blogging challenge I went to bed.

Hopefully today is a better day.

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