30 Day Challenge Evaluation

I was going to write today that I was ending my 30 day blogging challenge early. (The challenge was to blog every day for 30 days.) I have a couple of real exciting projects in the works and I would like to focus on those projects, plus do a better job keeping up with my other blogs. However, I was please to find that I started my 30 day challenge exactly one month ago today, on February 27, 2008. So today is officially day 30.

So how did I do?  Well, if you want to be strict, I failed.  I posted 26 posts in 30 days, and two of those posts were on the same day.  A few of those days I just posted a quote, or a contest, or some “easy” type of post.

But I am not too strict with myself, and in my mind my 30 day blogging challenge was a big success.  I have become a better writer, and a better blogger.  I spend a lot of time thinking about what would be interesting to post.   And, what I am not including in this challenge, are all the posts made on my other blogs. They have also benefited by having more frequent posts. (Although not a post a day.)

I have also decided that I am most definitely a blog addict.   I am constantly coming up with new ideas for blogs.  I have bought a few domains, just for “someday” when I have time to work with them.  I have to pull myself aways from the computer to get some exercise, or to say Hi to my family. Now I just need to find a good way to monetize all these great ideas!

I liked the idea of a 30 day challenge, and I think I’ll go for another one April 1.  But this challenge won’t be related to blogging.  I will challenge myself to get some form of exercise everyday.  I’ll let you know how I do.  Would you like to join me? What do you challenge yourself to do every day for 30 days?

Always Keep Checking

EDIT: Back to the old theme. This one worked well for me in the past. It should work well in most browsers. Please let me know if it does not.

EDIT: Working with a temporary theme for now. I know it doesn’t look pretty right now, but this theme did work on my other computer. Hope to be back to something nice soon.

Today I fired up my old computer. The one that doesn’t have FireFox or a widescreen monitor. I needed to get some pictures off the hard drive for a project I am working on. While I had this old computer up and running I thought I would check out my sites and see how they looked. All was well, until I got here. And I was so happy with the theme! In IE, without a widescreen, this template does not work well. The sidebar is pushed down to the bottom of the page. Not a good thing! I tried tweaking the CSS, but with no luck. So once again I am looking for a new theme. So for all of you that have been annoyed by my sidebar, I’m sorry. I hope to have that fixed real soon.

Happy Easter!

butterfly picture

I am spending the day with my family. I hope you can do the same. Here are some Easter Quotes for you from QuoteGarden.

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time. ~Martin Luther

The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world. Still before us lie work, discipline, sacrifice. But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline, and make the sacrifice. ~Henry Knox Sherrill

Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things but in terms of ideals. ~Charles M. Crowe

On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer. ~Douglas Horton


Lately I have been feeling the need for more sleep. I have been getting up at my normal time, but instead of being able to stay awake until midnight, or even 1am, I have been getting tired around 9 or 10pm. I have been going to bed earlier, but I am still feeling sleep deprived, so I thought I would do a little research on sleep before I turn in for the night.

I found that being sleep-deprived can cause all sorts of trouble. From the obvious impaired concentration and poor judgment, to the not so obvious increase in diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

It is not true that all adults need 8 hours of sleep per night. Some can get by with as little as 5 while others may need 9 hours of sleep to fully refresh. You know you are getting enough sleep if you can wake up in the morning without an alarm clock.

So while getting lots of sleep can feel like an indulgent luxury, actually it is important for both your physical and mental health. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday, I am going to do something healthy and sleep in!

Fast Food Burgers Revealed

Have you ever seen anything that just turned your world around? Just yesterday I enjoyed a small order of McDonald’s french fries. Now I don’t think I’ll be able to eat another one again. Please watch the following video before you feed your child another Happy Meal.

Now I know you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, so I checked out Snopes.com and I ran a Google search and it appears that this video is legitimate. Real food rots, so I am not sure what McDonald’s is serving. Anyone else giving up McDonalds?