Frugal Friday

Today seems like a good day to start Frugal Fridays. Today’s job report shows that more Americans are out of work, gas prices continue to rise, and I cringe every time I open my power bill. Don’t get me started on the mortgage industries and the stock market. With such poor economic news, now may be a good time to start cutting back!

So today, I start what I hope will become a regular feature on this blog, Frugal Fridays. Make just one change a week and you could see significant savings in your household budget.

Todays Frugal Tip …Visit Your Local Library.

Not Just Books

If you haven’t been in awhile you may be surprised to find that the library is not just for books anymore. Most of my family’s entertainment comes from the local library. Here are a few of the things we get for FREE from the library.

Free Movie Rentals

We usually don’t get the latest releases, but there is a great selection of movies at the library. There are plenty of classics, kid movies, and educational movies. I like trying out the exercise DVDs that are available. The best part about renting from the library is that you get to keep the movies for 3 weeks, not 3 days!

Free Audio Books (aka books on tape)

The best thing for a long car ride is a good audio book. When I have the kids with me I will choose a popular children’s novel. Our last trip we listened to Tom Sawyer. When I don’t have the kids, I have worked on my Spanish, listened to motivational books and books on business and real estate.

Free Wi-Fi

When I need to get away from the house for awhile I just grab my laptop and head to the local library. They have nice big comfy chairs and I can park myself there all day if I like, without needing to buy any overpriced coffee! If you don’t have your own computer you can use one of the library’s computers, you just need to sign up and reserve a spot.

Free Classes and Seminars

Saturday mornings my library has art classes for kids, taught by local artists. I might also find a seminar on recycling and the book readings by local authors is always a pleasure. Once a month, on Saturday nights, the library has an event for the young teens. Sometimes it is just pizza and a movie, but it could be a dance contest or other fun activity.

Free Books

And of course, there are the books. I have a family of voracious readers, and if I had to buy all the books we read we wouldn’t have any money for food! Become an expert at putting books on hold, and you’ll be reading the latest best seller in a week or two.

I estimate that by making good use of our local library, may family saves a few hundred dollars a month. So go see what’s happening at your local library. You might be surprised.

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