Why are We So Fat?

It is a popular topic in the media these days. Why are we so fat? Of course, not me, not you, just the other 30% of adults who are overweight or obese.

Fingers are pointing everywhere, and diet books are bestsellers. You can almost guarantee that and TV program will have ads about the weight loss pill that really works!  Now you can even buy drugs over the counter that will keep your body from absorbing fat. (Watch those side effects though!)

But it seems to me, the reason we are eating too much, and getting fat, is because the food we eat does not contain any nutrition that our body is used to seeing.  You see, underneath all our civilized life, our bodies are really the same as they have been for thousands of years.  There has not been enough time for our bodies to adapt to a diet of processed foods.  Not to name any names, but when we eat those creme filled desert cakes, fortified cereals, and other processed foods, our body doesn’t really see the nutrition it needs.  So even when our stomach is full, the brain is crying FEED ME!  So we eat more and more and get fatter and fatter.

Our bodies have evolved to extract nutrition from natural sources. Our ancestors ate lean protein and organic produce. What I think we need to do, to really solve the obesity crisis, is to move away from all processed foods.  And that includes the all natural, organic, diet bars and shakes.  Primitive people did not find nutrition bars growing on trees!   A diet of lean protein, fresh organic, and preferably locally grown fruits and vegetables and plenty of clean water would probably quiet our hungry brain.

So I don’t think dieting is a matter of will power or discipline. I think to lose weight you need to find what your body is truly craving, and eat food that your primitive mind will recognize.

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