Real Food

I have been reading about food a lot lately. Not cookbooks and such, but books that have caused me to think about where my food comes from, how is it produced, how safe is it to eat?

It used to be easy, I would buy what was cheap, and try not to buy too much junk.  As long as we were eating meat and vegetables and fruit and bread and milk, I assumed we were eating a good diet.  Then I heard about the amounts of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used in commercial agriculture.  So I went to organic foods, and whole grains. No more white  flour for me! I felt pretty good about that.  Then I discovered the evils of high fructose corn syrup(HFCS) and hydrogenated fats, and tried to avoid them.  (HFCS is in everything!)  Then I read about eating local.  Those organic grapes lost some of their appeal when I realized how much fuel was required to ship them from Chili.  So I started eating more locally produced food.Thank goodness I live in California!  As long as I define local as within 200 miles, I can get almost everything I usually eat.  Make a few exceptions…for coffee and such. Whew, That wasn’t too tough!

Like I said, I have reading about food, and I am amazed at how many different ways our food choices impact our health, and our world.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you  the different books I have been reading and the changes I have been making in my familes diet. The changes that have been hard, and the changes that have been surprisingly easy.

Hmm. Now I’m hungry.  I’m off to get a slice of homemade whole wheat bread. I think I’ll put some organic butter and some local cold pack honey on it.  Num

How to Find Happiness

The Positivity Blog has  a great post on happiness.  The post looks back 2500 years to find wisdom on how to find happiness in your life. 

How to Find Happiness:  7 Timeless Tips From the Last 2500 Years

 What do you want?

A great job?

A fulfilling relationship?

Go sailing around the Pacific for a few years in your very own luxurious boat?

Or just to get along better with yourself?

Perhaps you want one of more of those things. But beneath those and many common wishes, if you take it a step further, often lies a wish to find happiness.

One good way to find a few useful, life-improving and time-tested tips is to look back. To look way back through history. To find ideas that have arisen in minds over and over the last few thousand years. Here are seven such ideas about how you can find happiness. Maybe you´ll find them helpful.

Read the 7 tips here.

Make Money with My Power Mall

So many “make money online” deals start with you paying money. It might be $149.95 or $49.95 or even a bargain $9.95. For that you’ll get an eBook, or a “money making system”, or  an “exclusive membership”.  You haven’t even gotten started and  already you are in the hole!

My Power Mall is different!  It is FREEFree to join, Free to use. It doesn’t cost you anything!  My Power Mall is a shopping rebate site, with a twist. Sign up for a personal mall, and you get large rebates on all your online shopping. Sign up for a Business Mall, and you can build a team and earn even more money.  Then all you do is shop, and invite others to shop at My Power Mall

Now you are probably thinking that you have to pay inflated prices at stores you’ve never heard of.  But you would be wrong!  Here’s a list at just some of the stores you can shop at. Sears, Target, Kohls,, Gap, Circuit City, Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, Linens ‘n Things,  Office Max, Macy’s… the list goes on and on.  The prices are the same as if you went to the online store directly.

Now here is the deal…


We’ll work together to make sure everyone profits!

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Remember, it costs nothing to sign up. There are no quotas, no meetings, no marketing materials you need to buy. You can create your own team, or just shop for yourself. Either way you earn rebates.

Check it Out!

Making Money on the Web

I have been spending quite a bit of time, looking for ways to make money on the web.  Something where I can just sit at my computer and watch the bank balance go up.

I haven’t found it yet.

I’ve been wondering how many people actually are making money with a solely web-based business.  Does affiliate marketing work?  How about Adsense and other advertising programs? In  this research I found one site particularly helpful. It is They have a marketplace section where people can buy and sell established websites.  In doing so, the sellers disclose how much money they are making from the site.

There are lots of sites that are don’t have much content, that are really just trying to get people in to click on the ads. For the  most part, they were not making enough to cover the hosting fees.  The sites that did do well offered real products, or real information.  A site that people would want to go to. 

I have to go work on my content….. 😉