How Many Posts?

The question of the day is:  How many posts does your blog need to be considered  a blog worth looking at?  Do you need hundreds, or just a few.   I went looking at some of the sites that will pay you to post reviews in your blog.  (More on them later!)  Most of these sites have a certain criteria for the blogs they use.

20-30 posts of at least 250 words over a 3 month span.   That doesn’t sound too bad…30 posts is only 10 posts per month or 2-3 posts per week.   

The posts should be well-written original content.  Putting together a blog of  free content from  article sites will not get you brownie points as a paid blogger.

The blog should have a voice. It should reflect your personality. Make it feel like people can get to know you.

The posts should have content that other people are interested in.  Other people are not your mother and not your best friend so diary posts, what you did that day and how you are feeling, should be avoided!

Blogs of just affiliate posts are not accepted! People don’t read your blog so you can make money, they read your blog to get information.  Some affiliate and sponsored posting is OK, (after all, everyone does need to make money) keep it under 50%.

Finally, make sure to proofread!  Check you grammar and your spelling. I know you have a spellchecker! Use it.

Happy Blogging!

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