Debt Free

I saw a site today that promised to show you how to get rid of all your debt…even your mortgage….in 3-5 years.  It would only cost you $47 to download their free e-book that would give you all the secrets of becoming debt free.  Well, I can tell you in two words how to become debt free.   Quit charging!   Quit using your credit cards, quit borrowing money, quit taking out loans.  Keep making your payments and eventually you will be debt free.

Now if all you do is quit charging and make your payments it will take you much more than 5 years to get rid of your debt. There are various techniques that will help you pay down your debt faster.  You don’t need a $47 e-book to tell you how to do it.  I’ll  talk about them over the next few days, but one thing is for sure. If you keep charging you will never get out of debt!  No matter what system you use.

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