What If…?

What if there were no free templates on the web?
What if sites like WordPress, Joomla, and Blogger didn’t exist?
What if there were no free tutorials, forums, or discussions where you could get your questions answered?
Could you afford to have a website?

I couldn’t.

What if your favorite website was ugly and disorganized?
What if it was full of spelling errors and typos?
What if it was hosted on a server that was slow and buggy?

Would it still be your favorite website?

I don’t think so.

What if you had to pay to watch the news, check your stocks, or get a weather report.
What if you had to go to the library to do research, for school, for work, or for your child’s medical problem?
What if the world didn’t know you existed because there was no MySpace?

Could you get as much done?

I couldn’t.

Please support your favorite websites. I know many people work very hard to provide all the great resources on the web. Most are doing it for free or very little money. So please, buy the product, make a donation, or just click on an ad that interests you.
Just think…
What if there were no GAMES!

Is Hoodia Gordonii Safe To Use?

Article By: Vanessa Doctor

The South African wonder plant Hoodia Gordonii has recently climbed the ranks as an effective weight loss supplement, bringing health observers to predict that it will soon reach the popularity that the likes of L-carnitine and Senna have enjoyed for the past years.

However, as with any other herb or pill claiming to promote faster weight loss, the question still remains: is hoodia gordonii safe to use?

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Quit Smoking!

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. But if you really want to give up cigarettes, for good, you can! With a little planning, some determination, and an understanding of nicotine addiction, you will find you don’t need any pills, potions, or patches! In fact, the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are intense for just about 3 days. Many people can manage to quit smoking long enough to get past the physical addiction. It is the mental part that is hard. Plan to conquer the mental addiction and the physical addiction will take care of itself. Continue reading “Quit Smoking!”

7 Things to Know about Money

1. Money is a tool for trade, nothing more, nothing less. Money does not make you more special, or more lovable. Fancy homes and cars, expensive watches and clothing, these do not make people like you more. How much money you have, or appear to have, says nothing about you as a person. I have met both poor people and rich people who were amazing human beings. I have also met both poor and rich people who were jerks. Your money is not your personality.
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