Custom Technical Furniture

Most of the time, when you want something, you can just run into the store and get it, like when I bought my new camera. But sometimes “off the shelf” just won’t do. Especially if you are a techie geek like my husband. For him, the standard computer workstation that you can pick up at you local store, just doesn’t quite cut it. He needs room for lots of equipment, power strips, and multiple monitors. All in a compact workstation that takes into consideration the ventilation needs of computer equipment. is where you go when you need custom technical furniture. They are the total custom solutions for Workbenches, Lan Stations, Packing Stations, Lab Furniture and More. My husband is tall, and the option of custom height workbenches would really appeal to him. As an added appeal Formaspace is into environmental sustainability and social responsibility. So, if you need custom technical furniture take a moment to check them out.

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